Christ Church Family

Growth Survey 2004


(Based on responses from 173 people)



Which service[s] do you normally attend?









At what time would you ideally attend Church on a Sunday?



Top 5 preferences:


10.30am: 40% [51 respondents]

09.30am: 17% [22 respondents]

10.00am: 13% [17 respondents]

08:00am: 10% [12 respondents]

11.00am:   8% [10 respondents]


Would you like Sunday School at this service?



‘Yes’ responses for top 5 service preferences:


10.30am: 40 respondents

09.30am: 13 respondents

10.00am: 10 respondents

08:00am:   0 respondents

11.00am:   4 respondents




Given the service preferences expressed in the survey, it is difficult to see how we can add an additional Morning Service at this moment in time; both the Vision Implementation Action Team (VIAT) and Worship Action Team (WAT) have explored various possibilities, and have concluded that there are no feasible or workable options at the moment.


PCC Decision:

The Church Council agreed that the possibility of additional services will be revisited at some stage in the future.




The Church Council has already agreed to employ a new Youth Pastor, two Apprentices, increased the hours of our Administrator and made provision for an additional Assistant Administrator. What, if any, should be our next staffing / ministry priority or priorities?

95 People expressed a preference here, summarised below:

Caretaker [14]

Children’s worker [9]

Director of Music [6]

Administrator [6]

Worship Leader [5]

Pastoral Carer [5]

Counsellor [5]

Family worker [4]


3 votes each: Sunday School Co-ordinator, Evangelist, Community Worker, Social Worker

2 votes each: Curate, Student Minister

1 vote each: 20/40s ministry, elderly ministry, international outreach, kitchen / food ministry, P.A, pre-school teacher, singles ministry, volunteer coordinator, youth pastor




No single role attracted more than 15% of the votes cast.  9 People thought that we should wait and see, whilst 8 thought there were no immediate staffing priorities.  However, some roles might be related:


Caretaker [14] and Administrator [6] – a total of 20 votes

Children’s worker [9] and Family worker [4] – a total of 13 votes

Director of Music [6] and Worship Leader [5] – a total of 11 votes


PCC Decision:

The January 2005 meeting of the Church Council will debate the extent / priority of the suggested needs and whether they can be met through voluntary resource or accommodated within planned paid roles, the relationship of roles to one another and what the next steps should be.



Do you believe that we should extend the Church (the ‘worship area’)?


152 votes cast

112 [74%] in favour


Do you support the published plans for the extension of the Church?

150 voter cast

111 [74%] in favour



Do you believe that we should build a new hall with additional rooms, on site?


150 votes cast

122 [81%] in favour


Do you support the published plans to build a new hall with additional rooms?

147 votes cast

108 [73%] in favour




The votes cast and percentages show strong support for the plans to extend the church, and to build a new hall with additional rooms.


PCC Decision:

The Church Council agreed in December to go forward with the extension projects.  The PCC proposal which was passed unanimously reads:

“In light of a clear mandate from those who responded to the Growth Survey, subject to planning approval, the PCC agreed to take the building initiative, according to the published plans, to the Church Family to raise the necessary funds.”     

Personal Preferences

How many services do you usually attend monthly?

4.4 services average

Do you have children attending our Sunday School programme

34% Yes

Are you a member of a mid-week bible study or house group?

58% Yes

Approximately how many miles do you travel to Christ Church?

2.9 miles average

How long have you been attending Christ Church?

13.4 years average