As you can see from the picture, there are five of us in our family. My wife, Kirsty, is now a full time Mum. Our daughter Sarah was born in 2001, Noah in 2003 and caleb in 2005.

Kirsty used to work for the local council in Cheshire, involving the local community in sustainable development projects. We got married in 1997, and it took me a couple of years to be able to explain to people what Kirsty did. However, by that time we were moving down to London, for me to study theology at Oak Hill College (My job was always easy to explain - I taught history in a boys comprehensive school in Liverpool).

Moving to Virginia Water has been our third big move - we got married in Cheshire, and moved down to North London in 1999, so that I could train at Oak Hill College. We've also had our children in that time, and I've discovered that having three children is very different to having one, or even two. All three of our children have been born firmly in the south - which is not what either of us expected when we got married.

So why leave sunny Cheshire, two nice secure jobs and most of our family, to move down to Oak Hill? And then, having spent four years at Oak Hill, why not move back up north?

We moved to London, and I started training for ministry in the Church of England, because that is where we understood God wanted us to be. Over the two years before moving down, we prayed and sought God's guidance, and knew that this was what he wanted us to do. (I occasionally remind Kirsty that she did know about all this before we got married, when the idea of 'going into the church' was first suggested - although admittedly it was only about seven weeks before the wedding).

And now we here in Virginia Water, to share the good news of Jesus Christ who came to save the lost.

James Hughes