Who is Jesus Christ?

How can I know God personally?

How can I become a Christian?

Can I trust the Bible?

How do I know God cares for me?

Where is God when bad things happen?

How can I experience the love of God?

How can I find the way to heaven? 

Where can I find peace? 

How can I live the Christian life?
Where can I find spiritual help?
What are we to make of Jesus Christ? 
Why does God allow Suffering? New
Is Jesus coming back soon?
I have a friend who does not believe in God
I have a friend who dabbles in the occult
I have a friend who has a problem with suffering
I have a friend who thinks sex before marriage is OK
I have a friend who thinks cohabitation or same-sex relationships is OK
I have a friend who thinks all religions lead to God
What are we to make of Global Warming?
The Burning Issue of Gender and Homosexuality in Scripture
Why wait for sex?

I am not having a mid-life crisis

Four Habits of Highly Effective Christians

Finding authenticity

Steps to peace with God

30 Discipleship Exercises

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Members of Christ Church family would like to share with you what it means for them to know and follow Jesus Christ personally:

Michelle + Mike + Evelyn + Anita + Bruce + Andrew + Richard + Christopher + Paula + Graham

If you like to talk personally with someone about becoming a Christian or would like further information before deciding, please get in touch with Stephen, by e-mail, phone or letter.

If you would like to find out more about Hesus and the Christian faith, join us on our next Christianity Explored Course