Just imagine… 


  A Vision for Christ Church
2003- 2008


Imagine who we will be


Imagine Christ Church
as a community of fully devoted, deeply spiritual Christ followers thirsting to develop an ever-deeper relationship with God


Imagine every member of Christ Church understanding their God-given gifts and using them joyfully to serve in our Church


Imagine Christ Church as a Church where feedback is always constructive and where the truth is always spoken, and received, in love


Imagine every member of Christ Church fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit and totally committed to making disciples of all nations thereby creating an Acts 2 Church


Imagine a body of people of every age, race and colour putting their relationship with God before all else and desiring to meet together regularly to share in worship that glorifies God and draws us to each other


Imagine what we will do


Christ Church full of people so fired up for Christ that they constantly take and create opportunities to talk to non-Christians about what they believe


Imagine Christ Church services that are simply 'wow' - so inspiring that you cannot help recommending them to friends and family


Imagine Christ Church being known as a place where there is always someone to welcome you and to listen to the issues on your heart



Imagine every member of
Christ Church somehow engaged in mission activity that, even through partnerships that encourage people to commit to hands-on involvement, goes way beyond merely funding external agencies


Imagine Christ Church starting its own local, national or international mission


Imagine a youth ministry that is contributing to the work of aid and charity organisations

Pastoral Care

Imagine every member of
Christchurch feeling valued, cared for and loved in a community that has unlimited time for others


Imagine Christ Church having a team equipped to support in every kind of pastoral situation


Imagine becoming sick but knowing that nominated friends from Christ Church will visit within 24 hours and regularly thereafter to assist in practical and prayerful ways


Imagine Christ Church’s pastoral care stretching beyond the Church family to support the entire community through partnership with local hospitals, care facilities and Social Services


Imagine how we will be equipped


Imagine Christ Church as a place where the worship enables us to respond to all that God is with all that we are, in spirit and in truth through giving and receiving in services.

Imagine Virginia Water as a place where Christ Church is seen as the best place to be on a Sunday


Imagine uplifting, biblically educational services that answer your burning questions and help to equip you for the week ahead


Imagine Christ Church services timetabled to the needs of those we want to reach and including designated seeker services that are totally accessible to new or non-Christians


Imagine the liturgy being effectively deployed as an enabler of contemporary worship services

Small Groups

Christ Church as a Church of Small Groups in which every Church member regardless of factors such as age and marital status regards it as natural and desirable to be a Small Group member


Imagine an ever-expanding network of Small Groups based in the neighbourhood of their members who develop closer, deeper, more supportive contact with their fellow Christians to whom they are accountable and with whom they can share anything in complete confidence and in prayer knowing that you will receive support and friendship


Imagine Small Groups as the place for high quality learning where you can strive to gain the fullest meaning of the Bible through teaching, discussion and prayer

Sunday School (0 to 15 years)

Imagine rooms bursting at the seams with kids enthusiastic to get to know
Jesus through learning activities that equally effectively draw in both boys and girls


Imagine a raft of weekday Church-based activities that cement the Sunday friendships, encourage newcomers and make Christ Church the best place for kids to be with their friends outside of school


Imagine every parent coming to Christ Church appreciating and acknowledging how we welcome their children into whatever activity is right for them


Imagine more than sufficient leaders, committed and enthusiastic, to lead our children in getting to know Jesus

Youth (11 to adult)

Imagine regular opportunities for dynamic, vibrant, ‘big’ worship that is relevant to young people


Imagine an expanding Youth Group – something that the young people of Virginia Water value being part of more than anything else and where regular social activities are organised for the young people to meet together and invite their non-Christian friends


Imagine a youth ministry where the young people are being trained and discipled to lead groups and services and to take part in all areas of Church life


Imagine youth work that creates opportunities for regular creative prayer


Imagine every Christ Church teenager perceiving the journey through Sunday School to Youth Groups to adult Christianity to be as natural a process as the progression through primary school, to secondary school, to university and into a career


Imagine Christ Church volunteers offering sensitive help, advice and practical and emotional support to teenagers confronted by the challenges of growing up in our modern world


Imagine Christ Church teenagers becoming the role models for youngsters throughout the community


Imagine people at
Christ Church receiving exactly the right, and the best, training available to equip them for their God-given ministry exercising their God-given gifts


Imagine a congregation willing to invest whatever it takes in terms of time, money and personal commitment into each other’s development

Imagine the Christian influence of Christ Church permeating the entire community with parishioners admiring and desiring the lifestyle they see in members of the Church


Imagine Christ Church having a reputation for accessibility where all are welcome regardless of their backgrounds, where there are no real or perceived barriers to attendance, where the ‘open door’ policy is consistently reflected in people’s attitudes and actions and where the activities of the Church reflect the diverse needs of each group in our society


Imagine Christ Church at the heart of Virginia Water, its members serving in all areas of the community, demonstrating their compassion for local needs and issues by meeting and serving people where they are


Imagine a Christ Church evangelism strategy that majors on getting alongside people to build relationships and which focuses on evangelising the whole family


Imagine Youth work that includes regular outreach events that appeal to the non-Christian young people of Virginia Water


Imagine how we will be supported


Christ Church’s goals being so well communicated that members are queuing up to support them with their money, time and talents


Imagine a well-managed income budget that is routinely over-delivered


Imagine the Kingdom growth that could accompany every ‘excess’ £ being ploughed into outreach activities home and abroad


Imagine Christ Church offering guidance on stewardship of our possessions and money enabling people to release their full potential domestically and within the Church

Buildings & Facilities

Christ Church as a place with ‘ready-to-use’, versatile, modern facilities that are invisibly well-managed and thoroughly fit for a diverse range of purposes and with room for growth


Imagine Christ Church’s facilities facilitating a social programme that is so rich and diverse that it fulfils the needs of young and old, single and married alike.


Then imagine, by God’s grace, helping to turn our dreams into reality…