Christopher Wood : Serving on a Summer Project with Agape in Birmingham.

On a bleak and windy Thursday morning I send greetings from the brothers and sisters in Birmingham to you and all the saints in the sunnier(?) south!

I have just been catching a five minute phone call with mum and she tells me that you would very kindly appreciate having a brief update of how things are going with me up here. It is incredibly hard to keep up with the pace at times and I often feel as though we are being banged from pillar to post in the range and location of activities we are being asked to keep up with.

As someone who quite likes to focus on one thing at a time this can be quite a challenge! After our first week of training in evangelism and social awareness we have spent this week in planning and preparation (both spiritually and practically) for the arrival of the students we will be training and for the start of the ministry programme itself.

We are working in an Asian community and on two other housing estates with children and young people. "We" at the moment are ten students: 2 from the USA and 1 from Lithuiania and an excellent and an equally diverse and expereinced staff team. It has been great getting to know each other and we have had some great less stressful times throwing frisbee in the park (quickly becoming the official sport of the project!) and look foward to seeing the amazing things that we believe wholeheartedly that God will be doing over the coming weeks.

Personally, I need a good dose of patient endurance to keep going, as I struggle to function relationally under pressure and relationships are all important on a project of this nature. Please bless the project and the people we will be working with - they need the whole gospel and are so very open to the Lord. Thank you for all your love and concern at this time and may the Lord be with you all this summer

Yours in Him

ps watch out for my first article in print to be published in Agape News next month!


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