Christ Church has close links with around 20 Mission Partners who are members of, sponsored by, serving with, or have been sent out from the parish. Planned mission giving in 2004 amounted to over £32,000 which is about 17% of our total budget. An additional £27,000 was raised during Christian Aid Week.

David Cockburn - Christian Peacemakers Team
David is a member of the Christian Peace Makers Team and serves with them in Hebron on a regular basis.

Clare Elliott - IcFEM
Clare was in Kenya last Summer for two months as a volunteer for a charity called IcFEM (Interchristian Fellowships' Evangelical Mission). It is a small local charity soon to be registered in the UK. It is located in a town called Kimilili, at the foot of Mount Elgon which is north of Lake Victoria, and very close to the Ugandan border.

John & Jan Gooding - Diocese of Guildford
John is the Parish Resources Officer for the Diocese of Guildford and formerly with CPAS. Jan is a counsellor with the Diocese of Guildford

Clare Hartley - Compassion
Clare serves with Compassion which exists as an advocate for children: to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty; enabling them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults. Compassion works in 23 of the world's poorest countries, aiding over 600,000 children through sponsorship. Their vision is to expand further into West Africa this coming year and their goal is to be supporting 1 million children by 2007.

Elizabeth Gibson - Servants to Asia's Urban Poor
Elizabeth's sister Susan and her husband Kristin coordinate the ministry of Servants to Asia's Urban Poor in S.E. Asia. Servants to Asia's Urban Poor is an international network of Christian teams living and working in the slums of Asia's mega cities, participating with the poor to bring hope and justice through Jesus Christ. If you would like more information please email: [email protected]

James & Monika Hetherington - Bread of Life
James and Monika founded Bread of Life Bakery helping, in particular, the widows and orphans of rickshaw drivers in Varanasi, India.

Nick Hardy - Deanery - Kebbi Link
The Deanery of Runnymede is developing a close link with the Diocese of Kebbi in Nigeria Nick is our link person. For more information contact Nick.

Tom Hewitt
- Amos Trust
Tom is working with homeless street children in South Africa with the Amos Trust. Stephen Sizer is a trustee of the Amos Trust, serving the world's poor through projects combining justice, peace and reconciliation.

Ulla Joseph
- Tearfund
Ulla coordinates our links with Tearfund bringing relief to the world's poorest.

Rosie Kopecek

Rosie is serving the Lord as a midwife in North Africa.

Colin Maunsell - Crosslinks
Colin and his wife have served with Crosslinks in Ethiopia for many years. Colin was the first curate in Virginia Water in the early 1960's. He and Hazel have spent almost their entire ministry in Ethiopia, where the bulk of their work has been in writing and translating Biblical material.

Ken & Gill Morgan - Smyrna Homes
Ken is treasurer for the Evangelical Alliance and regularly leads teams helping to build homes for refugees in India together with Smyrna Homes

Tim & Alison Moulds
- The Inside Out Trust
Tim is director of The Inside Out Trust which develops prison projects based on restorative justice principles. Prisoners learn new skills which they willingly use to provide goods and services to disadvantaged people all over the world; new skills which should improve their own employment prospects after release.

Graeme & Helen Paris
- Willow Creek Association
Graeme is Director of the Willow Creek Association UK

Robert & Emma Pierce - Serving In Mission
Robert and Emma, both doctors, are working with SIM - Serving in Mission - with plans to serve at Diospi-Suyana Hospital in Peru. The hospital website is in German but there is an English flag so click on it from the side menu bar.

John Rogers - The Langham Partnership International
John is Administrative Director of the Langham Partnership International which was founded by John Stott and helps equip and train pastors in the developing world.

Stephen Sizer - International Bible Society
Stephen is chairman of the International Bible Society UK, sponsors of the NIV and TNIV translations. IBS publishes many translations in the developing world, evangelistic resources for churches and half of all Wycliffe translations.

Highway Projects
Stephen is Vice-Chairman of Highway Projects which provides practical support to local Churches in the Middle East, sharing God's love in word and deed. To join one of our short-term project teams contact Ian White

Amos Trust
Stephen is a trustee of the Amos Trust, serving the world's poor through projects combining justice, peace and reconciliation. He is also on the UK Board of Reference for the Mar Elias Educational Institutions, Ibillin, Galilee, founded by Abuna Elias Chacour.

David & Esther Wood - Jesus Video Project : Agape
David is a Regional Consultant for the Jesus Video Project with Agape and also serves as a Willow Creek Association consultant. David & Esther also serve with Smyrna Homes

As a Church we also support, or work in partnership with, the following Mission Agencies.

Amos Trust
Anglicans Online
Arab World Ministries
Billy Graham
Bible Lands
Christian Aid
Church Army
Church Mission Society (CMS)
Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS)
Christians in Sport
Community Bible Study (CBS)
Evangelical Alliance
Intercontinental Church Society (ICS)
International Bible Society (IBS)
Interchristian Fellowships' Evangelical Mission
International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES)
Jubilee 2000
Langham Partnership International
Overseas Missionary Fellowship International (OMF)
South American Mission Society (SAMS)

Tear Fund
The Hunger Site
Willow Creek Church, Chicago
Willow Creek Association, UK
Youth For Christ

Anglicans Online

Stephen our Vicar maintains close links with the Church in Israel and Palestine regularly leading pilgrimages to the Holy Land which include meetings with the indigenous Christians.