Tom Hewitt : Working with the Amos Trust in South Africa

South Africa has many thousands of children living homeless on its city streets. Street children are the direct result of poverty and injustice. The Amos Trust is committed to helping support projects that give these children a new chance in life. Sadly, they only survive in the most difficult of conditions. Hunger and disease are just the beginning. They sleep on the pavement, in bushes - anywhere they can find. They beg to survive and sooner or later petty crime becomes a way of life. Many are abused, and to escape from the depression of street life and from hunger, they become addicted to glue sniffing. These children are losing their most basic human rights and without projects specifically set up to help them there is no way out of street life.

Tom Hewitt of the Amos Trust has been working in South Africa with street children for the past six years with two local initiatives in East London, 'Isaiah 58' and 'Daily Bread' where he was Director of Child Care. Through these two agencies most of the homeless children in East London were taken off the streets and given a new start in life. Tom has recently moved to Durban to begin a new work, where at present there are known to be at least 1000 street children.

In 1999 as part of our Millennium Project, Christ Church has contributed £25,000 for Tom's pioneering ministry among homeless children.
As we provide Sunday School facilities for our own children at Christ Church, through this link project, we will also be supporting a vital initiative among the forgotten and homeless children of South Africa, giving many a hopeful future. Click here for Tom's latest news


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