Psalm 90 Is there meaning and significance in life?

Is there meaning and significance in life? If there is where can I find it? If there isn't, why am I even asking the question? When someone we know and love dies it raises such questions in our minds. We are made aware that life is short. Time seems to speed up the older we get. There is an answer that can give great comfort and strength.

It is contained here in the Bible. God's full and final self-revelation. Without the reference point of an infinite personal creator God we are adrift on a sea of relativity, surrounded by fog, floating toward the rocks of time. This beautiful psalm is a good place to look for an answer.

It affirms the message of the whole Bible - that we exist because God created us - created us to know Him, to serve Him and live for eternity. I would like to draw out three points from this beautiful psalm.

1. God is Eternal 90:1-2

This is the God the world knows nothing about. God existed before Creation, He will exist after this world is long gone. He is the source of ultimate reality. He is involved with every generation. God created you and I with meaning, dignity, uniqueness and purpose. God is eternal.

2. We are Transient 90:3-12

Notice there is no bitterness in the Psalmist. He is able to face the reality, the inevitability of verse 3. Because of 90:1-2 he can write 90:3-12. It would be impossible to face the world of 3-12 without knowing our real home is in verses 1-2. The situation described in 90:3-12 is

2.1 Undeniably Humiliating 90:3

The word "dust" pricks the bubble of our self importance. The distinguished world leader, the brave soldier, the famous pop star. What are they? Dust. Undeniably humiliating to human pride.

2.2 Undeniably Terrifying 90:7

Notice the honesty with which our human predicament is described.

90:3 "turn back to dust";
90:5 "sweep men away";
90:7 "consumed";
90:11 "power of your indignation"

In Isaac Watts great hymn "O God our help in ages past" inspired by this Psalm there is sadly no mention of God's wrath. However unpalatable the idea may be today, if we take the Divine anger out of Psalm 90 there is nothing left. There is no explanation for the evil in our world and no hope of deliverance from it. Undeniably humiliating & terrifying.

2.3 Undeniably True 90:10

The span of our life is 70 years or 80. Life is a mixture of joys and sorrows. If we are honest much of it is trouble and sorrow and we cannot avoid it. Psalm 90 is not about giving comfort. Its actually about confrontation. It contains the diagnosis of the world as it really is, and how we must live in it under the shadow of God's sovereignty. Without it we can make no sense of the world described daily in our newspapers. God is eternal 90:1-2, We are Transient 90:3-12,

3. There is Ultimate Hope 90:13-17

Verses 3-12 describe this world that cannot be my lasting home. I must look else where. Psalm 90 ends with the prospect of another home. It ends with hope and optimism based on realism. It points to the home Jesus came to reveal. In John 14, as Jesus was about to leave his friends and go to the cross, he wanted them to have peace of mind about the future. To be sure about their eternal destiny.

The New Testament reveals fully and finally how God sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for us so that we could be forgiven and experience God's life and forgiveness. How we can life for ever in his presence. So Psalm 90 teaches us that we serve an eternal God. It teaches us that this life is transient. But looks forward to an ultimate and unshakeable hope, revealed fully and finally in Jesus Christ. A hope the apostle Paul described in our New Testament reading.