An opportunity for you to contribute to the growth of Christ Church

1. Why should we give?
Because God has greatly blessed us as a church materially and spiritually. Our Church and its good work have been provided by His providence, by sacrificial giving and the generosity of many people.

As members of God's family we belong to him. All that we are and all that we have are His. Part of our family responsibility is to use the resources He gives us for His purposes and His glory.

Giving money to God's work should not be seen as a series of isolated acts of charity depending on how generous or prosperous we feel. Instead it should be a matter for prayerful consideration and consistent responsibility in supporting the ministry here at Christ Church and through mission both in this country and overseas.

2. How should we give?
Paul in his second letter to the Church in Corinth gives us a number of principles to follow from the example of the Christians in Macedonia. He writes that they gave, even in the midst of their suffering, liberally and joyfully (8:2) , generously and freely (8:3), and in proportion to their ability (8:12). As a result, they reaped according to the measure that they had sowed (9:6) and God richly blessed their cheerful willingness (9:7). Many others were blessed through their giving (9:12).

3. How much should we give?
This is something only you can decide with God. Prayerfully reflect on where God comes in your budgetting and spending. In the Old Testament, God called His people to tithe 10% and their free will offering was over and above this. In the New Testament He does not lay down any set figure.

We live by grace, not under the law any more. However, this should motivate us even more to give freely. Remember, the amount you give should be reviewed regularly in order to maintain its value.

4. How can I give?
Agree on a figure prayerfully that you wish to invest in God's work. Then decide how best to give it.

Standing Order with Gift Aid:
The most effective means to give to Christ Church is via a commitment to a standing order payment combined with a Gift Aid declaration. Whether you wish to give occasionally, monthly, quarterly or annually, these commitments help us in planning for the future development of our ministry as well as enabling us to recover about 28% in tax relief for UK taxpayers. All you need to do to give to us this way, is fill-in our general standing order form – you can complete this on-line – print it and sign it before posting it back to us. We will do the rest. One-off gifts can be given using this form if you wish to Gift Aid a donation in the form of a cheque. Gift Aid and Standing Order Form

We recognise that there are many other ways in which some may find it more helpful to give. We support all of these other means:

Occasional Donations:
In conjunction with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), we can now accept donations to be made from Debit Cards and Credit Cards – click on the link below. CAF takes care of all the administration and obtains any tax relief that might be allowable in the UK. This facility also allows us to receive donations effectively in currencies other than Sterling. Donors can also request to remain anonymous. We hope this facility may be particularly helpful for friends around the world or those who wish to respond to particular appeals we make from time to time.

Give as you Earn:
If you can give through a Give as You Earn Scheme in conjunction with your employment, you may find this an effective way of tithing. Many employers may matcch your donation or support such giving by covering all costs. Please use our details on the general standing order and Gift Aid form; your employer will need our Charity reference number (shown on the Gift Aid Header) and our Bank details (shown at the foot of the form).

Charity Cheques:
If you give through CAF or Sovereign/Stewardship, you can give us a charity cheque and we reclaim the gift from your account. Please note that your account must be in credit before Christ Church will receive your gift. In this case, Gift Aid claims are made by the charity cheque issuing organisation.

Gifts of Shares:
It is now possible to give investments to charity free of Capital Gains Tax. If you are able to consider this, please contact us and we will supply further details of how this may be done.

Giving a Legacy to Christ Church:
If you would like to leave Christ Church a gift in your Will, giving in this way is exempt from Inheritance Tax. We will be pleased to supply details of how this may be done easily whether or not you have already prepared your Will.

Via the Collection Plate:
Of course, you can give in cash via the offertory each week. But, if you do pay tax of any sort, the Government is happy for you to direct the basic rate of income tax to the charity concerned via Gift Aid. If you are currently choosing to give in cash and are a taxpayer, please consider other Gift Aid mechanisms for your gift. If you pay tax at a rate higher than basic rate, further tax relief is available to you on your charitable donations.

5. What about confidentiality?
We keep all information on your donations confidential and usually only one or two people at Christ Church will be aware of the details of your pledges and gifts. Forms and Records are dealt with in strict confidence.

Whatever route by which you choose to give, we are profoundly thankful to God for your support and partnership with us in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Should you wish to contact us for more information, our Stewardship team will be happy to help. E-mail them on [email protected]

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Bankers Order Form
Gift Aid Form
Legacy Form
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